When do I need to change oil in my car?

When to change the engine oil in your car

Changing engine oil is a very important aspect of a car that requires much attention. This is because the oil increases the engine’s efficiency and lifespan in comparison to any other maintenance activity. If you want to keep your car and engine in perfect working order, then you should consider changing the oil regularly. As the vehicle keeps running, the oil gets dirty and as such loses its original properties, leaving the engine parts susceptible to damage due to ineffective lubrication. When changing the engine oil, remember to also change the oil filter or risk having the newly changed oil contaminated with dirt from the old fluid in the oil filter.

Changing the Engine Oil

Changing the engine oil is recommended after every 10,000kms, however, check the car’s owner’s manual for manufacturer’s service intervals. Nowadays, most car manufacturers have installed in their cars oil life monitoring system which warns you on the dash when if the car is due for a service.

Use The Vehicle Service and Maintenance Manual

The owner’s manual guide comes with oil change information. If you can’t place your hands on your owner’s manual, the internet is a perfect place to find an extensive database of manuals, as most of these car manufacturers have their manual guide online for users.

Trust your oil life monitoring system

Over the past few years, car manufacturers install oil life monitoring systems in their vehicles. They are based on kilometers travelled or time past and warns the driver by switching on a maintenance light as soon as the vehicle hits a predetermined distance range or time. The oil monitors gathers information from lots of sensors all over the vehicle and warns you on when to change your engine oil. You should also know that these systems are designed to work with the factory-recommended oil. It is therefore advisable to stick to the factory recommended oil than switching to other blends.

Use the Time Estimate

If you are one of those car owners that put very low miles on your vehicle, then you need to makes some necessary adjustments on your maintenance strategy. Oil gets contaminated by gases that blow by the piston, and this degrades the oil overtime. Regardless of whether an car manufacturer uses an oil life monitoring system or set kilometer intervals, they all specify a specific time for an oil change.

Oil visual checks

One of the best ways to determine the age or condition of your engine oil it to check the dipstick.  Make sure the oil level is as close to the ‘full’ mark on the dipstick as possible.  Now if the oil appears to be ‘black as black’ then we recommend you come in for a safety check-up and oil change as by this stage the condition of your engine oil will be poor and it will not be lubricating the internal engine parts as well as it should – resulting in premature engine wear and costly repairs.  For the little money an oil and filter change costs, far outways the cost of reconditioning an engine.

Changing your engine oil regularly helps improve the lifespan of your vehicle, thus leading to fewer trips to a mechanic!