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Common car problems that will steer you to your local Canberra Mechanic

On this page: Are you wondering what the most common problems cars have? Do you think your car has a mechanical problem? Wondering how to replace a dead car battery?   CWC Auto Services in Canberra are your locally trusted mechanic for over 40 years.   Car troubles are inevitable but they can be prevented.

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Does my car need to use the genuine manufacture's oil?

Should I use the manufacturer’s oil in my car? Changing your engine oil regularly enhances smooth running of your vehicle. It is also one of the best ways of maintaining your vehicle. Engine oil does not allow the metal parts in the engine rub against each other, thus reducing wear and reducing heat. Changing your

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When do I need to change oil in my car?

When to change the engine oil in your car Changing engine oil is a very important aspect of a car that requires much attention. This is because the oil increases the engine’s efficiency and lifespan in comparison to any other maintenance activity. If you want to keep your car and engine in perfect working order,

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Car auto service: what you need to know

Most people who own a vehicle do not service it properly, which results in costly repairs. Most vehicles engine oil are usually way overdue before owners consider changing it. Regular servicing of your vehicle is very important for a reliable automobile. Majority of car owners in Canberra have a little idea about auto service shops, but for those who just bought a used car, you’ll

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How to tell if your car brakes need servicing

It can be argued that of all the vital pieces of safety equipment that come with your vehicle, the braking system is the most important. While some people talk about how to maintain their tyres, engine, oil and even style, it is very difficult for people to discuss their brakes. We all know that without

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Auto Mechanics Separating the best from the rest

When it comes to car maintenance and repairs, most of us tend to look for a reliable mechanic. Dealing with mechanics in Canberra can sometimes be challenging, trying and costly. Knowing what you’re looking for goes a long way in determining your choice of repair facility. The most reliable auto repair shops anywhere in the

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Finding the right Canberra mechanic

Car mechanics are likened to doctors. Whenever your car breaks down, it requires the attention of an professional auto mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem. It is therefore advisable to opt for a reliable, professional mechanic in Canberra to help with your car’s repair. There are several factors to consider before choosing the right