How to tell if your car brakes need servicing

It can be argued that of all the vital pieces of safety equipment that come with your vehicle, the braking system is the most important. While some people talk about how to maintain their tyres, engine, oil and even style, it is very difficult for people to discuss their brakes. We all know that without the brakes, the car will keep moving speedily until it hits something. When it comes to keeping you and others safe and keeping your car in good shape, you should have your brakes checked and serviced regularly. Servicing your brake on a regular basis not only saves you lots of money but actually keeps you and others safe while on the road.

Other parts are equally important but for drivers with little mechanical know how, taking care of your brakes is not that difficult if you know a few tips. When you have brake issues, do not attempt to fix them yourself, rather contact a professional, reliable auto service company in Canberra to service and repair the your vehicle’s brakes. A qualified mechanic will make sure that proper servicing procedures are followed and every part are properly fixed.

A vehicles brakes can last a long time, however this depends on how they are frequently used. There are tell-tale signs that inform you it is time to have your brake serviced.

Let’s take a look at some common car brake system faults and repairs:

  1. The most obvious sign that indicate a brake service is necessary is a high-pitched squeal that occurs each time you apply the brakes. This happens when the brake pads are becoming very low and require replacement. You should not wait any longer, you need to visit your local mechanic in Canberra immediately.
  2. If the steering wheel shudders while you apply the car’s brakes, it is an indication that you may have a problem with your brake rotors. However this shuddering is often confused with a wheel balance issue. 9/10 steering shudder is a result of warped / uneven brake rotors. Brake rotors/discs are usually overlooked by most drivers and they can become damaged over time and become a serious problem. We can often machine the brake rotors back to their original shape, but if the damage is to servire, the brake rotors will require replacing.
  3. Another tell tale sign that your brakes need servicing is then it takes a long time to stop even after using the brakes. Have these brakes fixed before driving your vehicle to avoid getting involved in an accident.
  4. If you find your foot nearly touches the floor of the car when applying the brakes, then your brake system could have air in the brake lines, a cracked break-line or master cylinder (brake booster) issues. You must book your vehicle into a reliable car mechanic immediately. If the problem is affecting your ability to brake safely, then you must hire a tow truck to tow your vehicle to a mechanic in Canberra.
  5. Smoke coming from the wheels is another indication that your car has brake problems. This happens when you want to stop the vehicle by applying the brakes. You need not be told that it is time you went to see a professional auto service provider. Whenever you see smoke coming from the wheels, do not waste time to see your mechanic immediately.

Do not try to tinker with brakes yourself under any circumstances. Only a qualified mechanic or a brake specialist should be called upon to have your brakes fixed.

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From the team at CWC Auto Services, we wish you a Happy New year!

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