Car auto service: what you need to know

Most people who own a vehicle do not service it properly, which results in costly repairs. Most vehicles engine oil are usually way overdue before owners consider changing it. Regular servicing of your vehicle is very important for a reliable automobile. Majority of car owners in Canberra have a little idea about auto service shops, but for those who just bought a used car, you’ll need a few helpful tips.

When it comes to auto servicing, there are many points to consider. If you are observant and take note of little things, then you’ll know when your vehicle is not working properly. It is sometimes possible to carry out a bit of service and maintenance all by yourself, however if you don’t know what you’re doing, then please contact a reliable, experienced car mechanic in Canberra. There are some small things you can check yourself.

  1. Do not forget to check oil levels regularly, especially if you notice a few drops appearing on your driveway.  If your vehicle runs low on oil, it can badly affect your engine which can ultimately lead to engine failure!  Check to see your vehicle’s oil level, then top it up on a regular basis with the vehicle’s recommended oil type.  If you are not sure what oil to use, then please book your car into our workshop and we will take care of everything!
  2. Another area to also to check is the vehicle’s water and antifreeze level. One of the common problems most vehicle owners encounter is overheating. In order to avoid your car from over heating, make sure you have the perfect mix of antifreeze and water. Without it, your vehicle will not only over heat but can also crack the engine’s head and block. To get a perfect mix of antifreeze and water, you need to refer to your vehicles owners manual. If you are not sure what antifreeze to use on the correct mixture, then please book your car into our workshop and we will take care of everything!
  3. Also, try to check all the fluids in your vehicle especially when you notice that your clutch is not working as expected. This can be caused by low hydraulic fluid.
  4. If you hear a squeal when turning the steering wheel, you should check the steering fluid for signs of low fluid. Auto servicing is one of the easiest things to do especially when you check things regularly.  Book your car into our workshop if you have any concerns and we will take care of it all.
  5. Do not forget to also check your tyres. Make sure the air pressure is at the proper amount. Be on the lookout for uneven wear, cracking, and bald spots on the tyres. All of these problems can lead to tyre failure and not to mention life threatening accidents.

By checking all of these areas yourself, not only saves you money but also makes your vehicle last longer. If you’ve found a problem with your vehicle, then you should hire the services of a professional auto service company. CWC Auto Services have the skills and experience required to help make your vehicle run smooth on the road for many years.

Please don’t hesitate to give Nat a call on (02) 6247 3601 if you have any question or concerns about your car, van, ute or small truck.

From the team at CWC Auto Services, we wish you a safe and Happy New year!

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